Board Communications

At SPM Resorts, Inc., our top priority is making sure the Board members receive all of the proper information they need to make informed decisions for the resort. This includes providing monthly financial reports, compiling project bid information, preparing meeting agendas, assisting with budgeting, and tracking all meeting minutes. In addition, we have a team in place that is knowledgable about laws, statutes, and industry trends to ensure we are always complying with ever-changing laws.

We deliver monthly Financial Reports.

Many times, Boards come to us because their current management company is not supplying accurate or timely financial reports. With SPM Resorts, Inc., you don’t have to ask for the information; we deliver accurate, easy-to-read financial reports to board members monthly.

We prepare agendas and information for Board meetings.

We have a dedicated administrative team for each of our resorts that includes a Regional Vice President, General Manager, and Administrative Assistant that prepare meeting agendas, record the meeting minutes, and prepare information for each Board meeting. All information is tracked, documented, distributed to Board members, and stored at our corporate office for quick reference.

Our team is knowledgable about Condominium and Timeshare Statutes.

Our team consists of professionals with vast experience in the timeshare property management industry, and all are knowledgable about the timeshare statutes in each state we manage resorts. We keep all of the statutes up to date in our office for our employees to refer to if necessary, and we work with legal counsels to help guide our associations in their business. We make certain to inform Boards when timeshare statutes change in a way that will affect their associations. Read profiles of our management team

Our team is actively involved in the Timeshare industry, and is knowledgeable about industry trends.

In addition to staying on top of timeshare legal statutes, our team stays abreast of all timeshare industry trends by staying active in a variety of timeshare organizations including the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and Timeshare Board Members’ Assocation (TBMA). Bill Young, SPM Resorts Inc.’s President and CEO, serves on the Board of Trustees for ARDA and Drew Langway, Senior Vice President of Financial Services, serves on the ARDA Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) to help voice concern on behalf of owners.

SPM Resorts, Inc. also maintains positive relationships with exchange companies including RCI and Interval International. We understand how important the exchange aspect of timeshare is to timeshare owners; therefore, we work diligently to ensure that our managed properties are well represented to RCI and II.

We have worked with several associations that have previously lost their ratings with these companies and have brought them back to a level where they regain their ratings and/or have even made it to the Gold Crown level. One of our properties has maintained RCI Gold Crown status for more than 10 years. We make these ratings a priority, and stay up to date with the changing rating criteria to ensure we are focusing our efforts to match the top standards.

By participating in these organizations and maintaining good relationships with timeshare industry professionals, we are able to keep abreast of changes in the industry to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our Boards and associations.

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