SPM creates international travel special to boost vacation rentals in Florida.


Noting the international interest in traveling to certain destinations in Florida, SPM’s revenue management department created a special targeting European travelers. It was a huge success.

Tom Saver, Revenue Manager, explains, “International travelers are a great market for timeshare resorts, as they¬†book longer lengths of stay and have less cancellation due to the long distance they travel to the destination. Since they are staying longer, timeshare resorts with their condo-style layouts are much more appealing than a regular hotel room.”

In just four months, the special resulted in 1,033 room nights from international travelers, generating significant income for the resort.

Saver continues, “In this constantly-changing industry, staying on top of travel trends is necessary to yield results. The revenue department attends webinars, reads industry publications, and attends conferences so we can keep SPM on the cutting edge of the timeshare vacation rental market. Each year, we’ve increased revenue for the resorts we manage as a result.”

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