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SPM Resorts, Inc. has 35+ years of experience in the timeshare management industry, and we have helped many associations restructure the management of their resorts with great success. We have helped boards get a handle on collections, produce income through our vacation rental program, regain their ratings with RCI, finance renovations and much more.

Over the years, we’ve found some common things that have prompted HOAs to start the search for a new timeshare property management company. We’ve created the Board Member Strategy Planner to give you an idea of best practices in the timeshare property management industry and help you evaluate the resort operations and long-term strategy of your resort.

Evaluate your resort operations.

We’ll mail you a copy of our Board Member Strategy Planner, a tool resort board members can use to evaluate their property.

Request a copy of the Board Member Strategy Planner

We are a board-focused management company.

At SPM Resorts, we put a big emphasis on our relationships with board members. We start that process by helping resorts navigate the RFP process. Of course, we hope to be selected as one of the management companies to submit a proposal, but are very happy to share our expertise in hiring the right management company while you’re trying to decide your next steps.

Is your resort missing opportunity for revenue?

SPM Resorts, Inc. specializes in converting unused inventory into income and reducing expenses for resorts we manage. For example, we recently generated $78,000 in new revenue the first year we were hired to manage a timeshare resort.

We take a board-focused approach to managing resorts and provide boards the tools they need to make the right decisions. We are happy to provide a complimentary revenue analysis for HOAs interested in finding ways to generate revenue and reduce expenses.

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