A Place at the Beach 2015 – 2016 Renovations

A Place at the Beach recently renovated 95 units of the resort. The  total refurbishment project includes new flooring,  paint colors, carpet, furniture, cabinets, marble counter tops,  light fixtures,  appliances, artwork, drapes, bedding and other furnishings. Work commenced at the beginning of 2015 and the second phase of the project will be completed in early 2016.

Artistic Hospitality & Resorts Construction, Inc., of Lakeland, Florida is the General Contractor and they have completed their part of the demolition and removal work which includes cabinets, countertops and flooring. The contractor is currently completing the wall prep in each unit and have begun to paint the units.

Before & After: Bedrooms

Guthrie Interiors of Morehead City, NC is the designer for this phase of the total refurbishment. New paint colors, new carpet, all new furniture, cabinets, marble counter tops, new light fixtures, new appliances, artwork, drapes, bedding and other furnishings are just some of the things the timeshare owners can expect when they see their units for the first time.  

Resort staff handled the daunting task of “breaking down” the K building timeshare units, a 39,000 square foot project with 42 kitchens, 84 bedrooms and 84 bathrooms. Everything was removed including furniture, housewares, appliances, linens and furnishing to leave the contractor a blank box. Youngblood noted, “We were able to do two units completely each day. So it took us about 18 days to get all of this done. You never know how much “stuff” you have until you get ready to move it.  Many of the items we saved (Kitchen items, dishes, small appliances, blinds) but most of the furniture was over 10 years old so it was all either given away to Habitat for Humanity or the Hospice resale store.”

Before & After: Kitchens

Resorts face many challenges during a project of this magnitude, including finding available units for owners, exchangers and guests to stay. Resort staff diligently worked to move all in-bound guests to available units, making sure all inventory was properly documented in the property management software, SPI. Resort staff notified owners and guests by phone and email to keep communications updated and consistent, so guests would not be surprised at check-in.

Tom Youngblood, A Place at the Beach’s General Manager noted, “We have already seen the positive feedback from owners and guests. The refurbishing of the first phase units have been a great success and have resulted in high comment card scores.”

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