Atlantic Terrace 2015 – 2016 Renovations

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Scope of Work

Atlantic Terrace Condominiums in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida recently began a renovation project to update all 22 units, modernize the lobby area, and update the landscaping.  Interiors have not been renovated or refurbished since 2004. The exterior of the building received updates in 2012. Renovations will be completed by the beginning of 2016.

Trish Docherty, Regional Vice President of Operations for SPM Resorts, Inc., stated, “SPM specializes in revitalizing legacy timeshare resorts to appeal to owners, vacation rental guests, and a younger demographic. We have seen tremendous success with our other properties in Florida. Owners who have previously exchanged their week rather than visit their resort start coming back to vacation when the units have been updated. The units are attractive to vacation rental guests, exchangers, and potential new owners, which boost the revenue for resort. Active sales programs attracting new owners helps make timeshare resorts sustainable for the future.”


Before & After: Living Area

Each of Atlantic Terrace Condominium’s 1,500 square foot units feature a living area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen. The complete unit renovation includes new flooring, new texture on walls, new fixtures, new appliances and new furnishings.

Before & After: Kitchens

The upgraded kitchens are designed to be both attractive and functional and will feature granite countertops, a modern backsplash, all new appliances, and tile flooring. Atlantic Terrace Condominiums Board President Michael Williams noted, “Condo-style accommodations with full kitchens are especially appealing to families traveling to the Daytona Beach Shores area. Our units are designed to be enjoyed, not just to be a place to sleep at night. Owners and guests love the flexibility a kitchen provides for meal planning while on vacation, which is why the Board wanted to pay particular attention to the design and style of the new kitchens.”


Before & After: Bedrooms

Bedrooms will receive new carpet and new furnishings such as bedding, draperies, pictures, lamps and furniture. Bathrooms are getting new tile, fixtures, and countertops. In addition, new washers and dryers are being installed in most units.

Owners will see the extensive refurbishments the moment they walk through the front door. The lobby is getting a modern makeover, with a functional and attractive front desk area for check-in and a comfortable owners’ lounge with new furnishings. The owners are also getting a brand-new fitness center on the second floor.

Bill Young, President and CEO of SPM Resorts, Inc., added, “Modernizing older timeshare resorts is imperative to remain sustainable, and adding features like a fitness center is appealing to the younger, health-conscious demographic. SPM is cognizant of the changes in the timeshare industry and popular travel trends, and we incorporate these trends into property improvement plans we present to Boards. The Atlantic Terrace Condominium Board did an outstanding job creating plans for this renovation, which will ensure its ability to retain and add new owners and continue to be a popular vacation spot for travelers to the Daytona area.”

Hospitality Resources & Design in Orlando, Florida created the new unit designs. Commstruct, LLC in Charlotte, NC completed the renovations.

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