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SPM Resorts, Inc. provides full-service renovation and refurbishment planning as well as management services to the resorts we manage. We work with Boards to pinpoint the goals of each project, and then research the best products, programs, and vendors to match those goals. We handle small projects like installing flat screen televisions in units or a Wifi connection for a resort. For each project, we create a budget, timeline, and plan to present to the Board for review, discussion, and approval.

We keep several factors in mind when we approach a renovation / refurbishment plan for a resort:

  • What will give owners the most value?
  • What do guests and owners want most in the units?
  • What is the longevity and refurbishment cycle of the materials used?
  • What will help generate the most vacation rental and sales revenue?
  • What is the best way to finance the renovation projects that will have the least impact on the owners?
  • What are new technologies that we can install that will reduce expenses for the resort?

Planning for a Return on Investment

Finding ways to save money and generate revenue for the resort is the key to ensuring the Association’s funds are well invested, and that the resort will see a decrease in expenses and a boost in sales and vacation rentals.

Examples of renovations that will save money for a resort:

  • Installing energy efficient systems to save money on electricity
  • Purchasing fabrics & furniture that will not need to be replaced for a long time
  • Choosing repairs that will last longer than quick fixes

Examples of renovations that will generate revenue for a resort:

  • Creating a plan that incorporates vacation rentals & owner benefits
  • Using the renovations to promote the property for sales & vacation rental income
  • Promoting the renovations to owners to increase collections

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