Financial Services

Our financial services department and administrative staff assists collection efforts, handle owner calls, manage billings, provide Boards with monthly financial reports prepared by an independent accounting firm, and prepare annual budgets for the Board of Directors’ review and approval.

As part of our corporate staff, SPM Resorts, Inc. maintains a full financial services division supporting all owner accounts, rental and resort financial activity.

We give owners options to pay their maintenance fees.

Owners are able to pay their maintenance fees in a variety of ways including online, helping our resorts’ collections ratios and giving owners the flexibility to pay when and the way that is most convenient for them.

Financial Reports are sent monthly.

SPM provides boards with monthly, easy-to-read financial reports prepared by an independent accounting firm. Budgets are prepared for the Board of Directors’ review and approval, with a detailed backup. Budgets are crafted individually for each resort we manage in a format that meets the needs of the Board.

We are experienced in creating & implementing successful collections policies.

SPM Resorts, Inc. believes in an aggressive collection program. SPM Resorts, Inc. prepares assessment billings and late notices in accordance with state laws. If initial collection attempts are unsuccessful, SPM Resorts, Inc. strongly recommends turning the delinquent accounts over to an independent collection agency. SPM Resorts, Inc. works with Boards to determine which collection agency best meets the needs of the individual association. Adoption of an efficient and manageable resort assessment, billing and collection policy as defined in the resort’s by-laws is critical to the budgeting process.

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