Inventory Management

Inventory Management

We have the software to track all inventory for all ownership types, and currently manage a variety of resorts with fixed, floating and points-based ownership.  Our top-of-the-line database software keeps track of our owners’ information confidentially and securely, allowing the resorts we manage to keep up to date on bookings, collections, maintenance fees, and contact information of their owners.

Secure & Confidential Owner Database

We make every measure to ensure that the information is safe and secure. We work with an IT vendor who maintains our servers, ensuring the records are secure and well protected.  We have our own dedicated servers so that we are not sharing our server space with other companies.

Tracking thousands of owners is no easy task, but we manage it for you seamlessly.

Between owners changing their email address to moving to a different state, our staff keeps track of owner changes in our safe and secure database.  This database system also allows us to keep owner information up to date.  When an owner visits the property, the front desk will confirm their contact information and make any changes in the owner record.  It will automatically update the information in the database and the online owners’ portal.

Managing reservations

Each resort has a different policy and procedure in place for making reservations, and we can accommodate all types of reservation processes – from a lottery for flex weeks to fixed weeks, the database system manages it all.  In addition, we maintain communications with owners about their reservation.

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