Management Services

SPM Resorts, Inc. is a leader in timeshare property management and we provide the following services:

  • Transparent management of HOAs
  • Complete financial services
  • Easy-to-read financial information
  • Resort and owner communications
  • Owner support and services
  • Rental program for owners and HOA-owned inventory
  • Hospitality equal to the best in the industry
  • Complete human resources support
  • Maintenance and housekeeping
  • Assisted financing for renovations and refurbishments




Who We Manage

Peppertree Maggie Valley

Peppertree Maggie Valley

SPM Resorts, Inc. manages a variety of resorts with fixed, floating and points-based ownership.  We currently manage 34 homeowner associations in different states including Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and St. Thomas.  We manage a variety of timeshare resorts from properties as small as 14 units to properties as large as 300+ units.  We primarily manage timeshare properties, but we have a handful of common area associations and whole-owned associations that are affiliated with our timeshare properties.  Our strength and focus is timeshare resort management, and this is the area in which we excel.

Our responsibilities as a management company range from financial management to communications, rentals, human resources, property maintenance, housekeeping and more.

  • Affiliations

    Interval International