Marketing Services

SPM’s marketing department designs websites, manages social media campaigns, creates email campaigns, and designs print pieces in order to engage owners and guests, generate sales leads and book vacation rentals. Our marketing goals are tailored to each individual resort’s needs. For example, all available inventory is included in our rental program and marketed through a variety of channels. For resorts in active sales, we create dynamic leads-generating marketing campaigns for the sales agents.

Our main audience will always be the owners. Owner communication is a key element in our marketing program. A variety of methods including social media are used to keep owners informed throughout the year. Well informed owners remain happy and engaged in their timeshare ownership property.

We promote the resorts for owner engagement, vacation rentals and sales.

Social Media

Each resort, when approved by the board of directors, has a Facebook page to promote the resort to owners throughout the year and for vacation rentals.

Email Campaigns

Our SPM Vacations website collects email addresses of vacationers interested in the resorts and destinations featured on the website, and we send them information about special deals, travel tips and more to encourage them to visit our resorts and increase bookings to the resorts we manage.

Online Reputation Management

Tripadvisor reports 93% of travelers worldwide say their decisions are impacted by online reviews. Therefore, SPM implemented a policy for all resorts to actively read and respond to online reviews. Resort managers at each property managed by SPM are responsible for monitoring and responding to reviews on travel review sites such as TripAdvisor with our sophisticated monitoring and reporting partner, ReviewTrackers.

Generate Sales Leads

Working in partnership with timeshare resales company, Palmetto Marketing, we can create campaigns to generate leads for sales online. We have been successful in generating lists of travelers interested in a specific destination to learn more about vacation ownership at featured resorts.

Note: We will work with any sales company the resort chooses for sales. The sales company is responsible for paying for advertising, but SPM’s marketing team will create the campaigns to promote the resort. 

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