Owner Communications

Resort Newsletters

We encourage all SPM-managed properties to produce regularly-scheduled newsletters to keep owners up-to-date with news from the resort. SPM Resorts, Inc. manages the entire process from conception to production and distribution (mail or email). SPM Resorts, Inc. has found the best way to improve the collection of maintenance fees is to have happy, satisfied and well-informed owners.

SPM Website & Resort Websites

The SPM Resorts, Inc. website has been designed to provide owners with a private, secure login portal. In this section, owners may:

  • Change address information
  • Make online payments
  • Download resort documents
  • View resort updates/renovation photos, when available
  • Book float reservations
  • On the public side of the site, owners, guests and renters may search for rental availability and make reservations.

SPM Resorts, Inc. works with each property to develop a website specific to that resort. A well-produced website not only helps with visibility and owner communication, but it increases rental income, as well.

Social Media

Social media continues to grow as a method of communication. When approved by the Board, our resorts set up and actively post updates about the resort on Facebook.

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